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Specializing in educational programs featuring live insects and other arthropods

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Bugworks is an educational company that specializes in exciting science enrichment programs featuring live insects and other arthropods. We offer programs for classrooms, libraries, after-school programs, day camps, scout meetings, birthday parties, senior centers, corporate functions, fundraising events, and wherever else bugs are invited. At Bugworks, we put our bugs to work for you with year-round programs that feature quality instruction and emphasize respect for the animals we teach about.

girls amazed by turantulaOur unique approach is hands-on and interactive; participants have the opportunity to learn by observing bugs, touching bugs, or both. In a typical presentation, we cover a variety of topics, including life cycles and metamorphosis, anatomy, feeding strategies, locomotion, habitats and anti-predator defenses. Our inquiry-based approach encourages participants to ask questions that guide further topics of discussion.

At Bugworks we use bugs to do what all educators daily strive to do, that is, replace ignorance with knowledge, and, in the case of bugs at least, fear with curiosity. In the process, we’re teaching children how to have respectful interactions, which will hopefully make the world a better place to be in, whether you have two legs or six.

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