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Bugworks is an educational company whose goal is to welcome everyone into the wonderful world of bugs through interactive, hands-on presentations featuring live arthropods. All programs are taught by either Maire Anne Diamond or Andrea Kozol, each of whom has over eight years experience conducting live insect presentations.

girls amazed by turantula
After earning a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Maire Anne worked in a variety of research labs, including one at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard, and another at the University of Texas Zoology Department, where she was temporarily so distracted by fabulous reptiles that she failed to devote her life to insects. Eventually, however, she got in touch with her inner Insect Enthusiast, particularly as a young mother whose children shared an unbridled enthusiasm for our six-legged friends. It was at this point that she did informal science presentations in preschools and elementary schools, and founded the neighborhood Bug Club, where local children befriended local bugs. Bugworks has been a wonderful way to showcase her appreciation for these unique animals.

Boy holding grasshopper

Andrea received a Ph.D. in Biology at Boston University in 1994. Her research on the federally endangered insect, the American Burying Beetle, included field studies on Block Island, Rhode Island and the development of a captive breeding protocol at Boston University. She also conducted the first reintroduction of the endangered beetle on Penikese Island, Massachusetts. Andrea has taught undergraduate Biology courses to non-science majors at Boston University, Bentley College, and Framingham State College. She is a mother of two children and co-founded Bugworks as a way to combine her passion for teaching students of all ages with her great fondness for bugs.

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