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grasshopperOur BUGOLOGY program for elementary schools is a one-hour, hands-on experience designed to either enhance a science curriculum unit or to introduce students to the unique universe of bugs. This program is designed for audiences ages six and older. Our goal is to teach students new ways to observe, understand and appreciate invertebrates. Invite us to your school to kick off an insect unit, or bring us in at the end and let your students impress us with their bug knowledge! Either way, we provide an interactive program with live animals that students and teachers will find educational and memorable. All Bugworks programs are tailored to individual grade levels. When teaching older students, we use insects as the central focus to cover a variety of topics in biology, including ecology, evolution, and taxonomy.

The BUGOLOGY program is also suitable for home schools, libraries, senior centers, scouting events, and birthday parties. There’s always a teachable moment when bugs are at hand – or in hands!
hissing madagascar roach

The CREEPY CRAWLY CLASS is a program specifically designed for preschool children between the ages of 3 and 5. These half hour presentations feature fun, safe bugs that reinforce concepts such as size, shape and color. The children can learn by looking, touching or both! Small group size enhances the learning experience for our youngest bug fans. This program is perfect for preschool classrooms and libraries.

Our DEMONSTRATION TABLE is a presentation to accommodate large audiences outside of a classroom setting. This program is ideal for museums, corporate events, science curriculum nights, and fundraisers. We set up our bug habitats on several tables and invite guests to peer at a praying mantis, gape at a grasshopper, marvel at a millipede, meet numerous other bugs, and ask questions.

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